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It's with great pleasure that I welcome you to the White Raven Publishing page. I decided to start my self-publishing business as an avenue for release my own oracle card decks. The first to be released are the Companion Cards for the Evolving Soul. They will soon be followed by two Lenormand decks called Playful Lenormand and Toy Box Lenormand, but for the time being I'm going to focus on my new born babies! 


The Companion Cards for the Evolving Soul have been a labour of love for the past two and a bit years (a gestation period that rivals elephants!). I've been wanting to create an oracle card deck for years and so I'm super exciting to now see them plucked out of the ethers and manifested into physical form.

My motivation for creating them came from an internal battlefield where I engaged in the biggest fight of my life - the one against myself and all of the negativity and discontent I'd been lugging around for decades. I was 41 when I woke up to the self-bullying I'd been doing in the name of self-hatred. It was ironic that I was finishing my 3rd and final year of university at the time (which is all about the future right?), but I was in such a dark place that I didn't even SEE a future for myself.

Being on a journey of self-discovery can be like trying to climb Mount Everest in a pair of ugg boots. There are the occasional comfortable moments but for the most part, the adventure can be cold, dark, lonely and leave you breathless and quivering under a blanket!

It's a tough fight to be in, particularly at the beginning because if your sense of self-worth is in the toilet, it's very hard to convince yourself that you're worth the effort to change. I'm a Leo so that means I can be a stubborn bugger and that, along with some very close friends kept me moving forward. 

Confidence can't be bought on eBay (believe me I've tried), but it is something that can be built up and like that good ole tortoise... slow and steady can win the race. I started attending workshops and fed on new information like Homer Simpson at an all-you-can-eat buffet. (This is the part where I drop some names) I've been a student of some amazing people who have included Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Mitchell Coombes and Anita Moorjani and I've also earned a Diploma in Forensic Healing and Reiki qualifications along the way.

I've spent countless hours on self-development and now that I'm in a good space, I feel an obligation to pass this torch. I'm a living, breathing example that you can overcome your past traumas and move away from merely surviving and step into a life of thriving.

I realise there are a lot of oracle card decks available on the market and I do have quite the collection at home myself. What I find is that many of them focus on connecting to something outside of yourself (angels, guides, ancestors etc), but very few focus on connecting YOU to YOU - your soul aspect, that higher wisdom that sits inside your core, desperate to strike up a conversation with you. That's what the Companion Cards for the Evolving Soul are all about, a chat with a very old friend that possibly knows you so much better than you do.

Watch this space because besides releasing the Lenormand cards soonish, I'm keen to run some workshops some time in the near future. The plan is to do some Companion Card workshops and I'm also planning to get some Oracle Card Creation workshops happening too!! (Fun and creative with a pinch of serious planning).

Thank you for being here and thank you for your support. It was no small thing pulling all of this together independently and the encouragement I have received from my friends (including Facebook friends) and family has helped me to stay motivated. For those who have purchased the deck, keep in touch by joining the Facebook study group. I'm keen to hear how your progressing and I'm more than happy to offer you guidance and answer any questions you may have about using the cards.

Lotsa love and hugs,

Deb xoxo

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  • Congratulations Deb! Your Creativity, energy, dedication and hard work has resulted in Great site, easy to use, I my Companion Cards and ebook and the free Little Chakra book . Namaste 🙏🏻


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