About Deborah

  Hello there Spiritual Warrior!

 Welcome to White Raven Publishing! My name is Deborah, I'm an Artist, Intuitive and Self-Publisher based in the Illawarra Region of New South Wales, Australia.


It’s a weird world we live in, isn’t it? A place where the natural state for many is to feel unloved, unworthy or not good enough. Where being emotionally triggered by difficult memories or past trauma is so often the norm. Where self-love is a foreign concept that can feel awkward and unnatural - That was exactly the way I used to live!

​To change my primitive ways seemed like an impossible task. After all, undoing years of negative self-talk was going to take more than just a minute! In the moment that I told myself I was worth the effort, the battle lines were drawn and my combat boots got grubby! It was a long and drawn-out campaign, but I was eventually able to leave my inner demons in the combat zone behind me.


​This Spiritual Warrior is not without scars, but I was able to transform pain into purpose through creating my deck of 36 Companion Cards for the Evolving Soul. 

The Concept

 You are a unique, beautiful and soulful being and the role of Companion Cards for the Evolving Soul is to remind you of this as they accompany you on your healing path. It is therefore important for you to understand the concept that the cards are based on:

Birth - A child is born, beautiful inside and out. Arriving fresh from source energy/the Universe/God, completely connected to their soul aspect.

External Influences - The soul aspect is quickly forgotten under the barrage of feedback coming in from the external environment.

Body-Focussed - Raising a physically healthy child takes priority with a focus on the physical body.

Programming - Thoughts, beliefs and ideas develop from parents, family, peers, teachers, advertising, TV, social media, magazines etc.

Soul Dormant --> No Change --> Pattern Repeats - As an adult, you live by your programming without questioning it while continuing to seek validation and feedback from external sources.

Soul Awakens - You can feel anxious and unsettled about your current life. You start to question previously adopted beliefs and ideas. The Soul is restless and hungry for change.

Re-Programming – Knowledge is power! Being aware of your patterns makes it possible to challenge inherited thoughts/beliefs and create new ones that are more in line with your true self and purpose.

Soul-Focussed - The focus shifts more towards spiritual well-being and more holistic health. You recognise that you are more than just a physical being.

Internal Influence - You are more guided by intuition and your ‘gut feeling’, which is something you have begun to trust rather than ignore.

Re-Birth - You authentic self emerges with new beliefs, based on self-love, acceptance and gratitude. Any future challenges are acknowledged as opportunities for further growth and personal development.

 You might ask, but how does this concept fit into the Companion Cards?...

The story within the cards

From birth (CHILD), external forces (WOMAN, MAN) govern a child’s learning and the primary focus is on the body and maintaining optimal physical health (APPLE) – the soul is yet to be recognised and nurtured as it sleeps soundly beneath the surface within the protective boundaries of home, security and family (CASTLE). As a result, the child will learn how to live according to guidelines that have been set by others. The child will adopt inherited programming and carry a ‘to-do list’ of expectations into adulthood, while continuing to seek external approval and being guided by the opinions (TEAPOT) of others. Patterns form and being stuck in repetition (WEB) becomes a natural state of being. If the pressure to live by the demands, rules and regulations of others becomes too challenging, a person can feel much discontent and put up their defences (BLUE-RINGED OCTOPUS) to hide their vulnerability. This sometimes takes the form of anxiousness (BEE) and/or ‘shadow moments’ (WELL) of the heart.  

Feeling a deep discontent is the body’s way of summoning the soul to the surface. It is being called upon to awaken (CANDLE), shed light on the truth and provide guidance (LIGHTHOUSE) for a new and more meaningful (SYMBOLS) way of living, beyond inherited programming. If a person is receptive to messages, both verbal (RAVEN) and written (INKWELL), a Spiritual Warrior begins to arise (DEER STAG) and there is more of a willingness to stand strong. As a result, a gateway opens for re-programming to ensue.

Where once the caterpillar had no choice but to crawl, it comes to know that for a full transformation to occur, a risk must be taken (DICE), to reject destructive influences (TOXINS), let go of old ways (DRAIN) and completely withdraw from its surroundings. It understands that it must be still for a period (PADLOCK) and so it builds a cocoon of protection (UMBRELLA), a boundary around itself in preparation for the metamorphosis to occur. It is not a transition that can be rushed or forced and it needs to occur in optimal timing (HOURGLASS). Old programming that has been embedded for many years takes work (LADDER) to overcome. The gradual ascension is often a case of two steps forward, one step back. Eventually it becomes possible to walk forward with a greater strength and more certain steps (FOOTPRINTS).

During the process of transformation (BUTTERFLY), the soul begins to summon like-minded individuals (DOG) and a community (SUNFLOWERS) that supports ongoing progression (CAR) and expansion (AIRPLANE), rather than undermine it. This supportive network and its associated resources assist in the development of resilience (CAT) in preparation for full emergence from the cocoon.  With unconditional love (ROSE) for the self at the helm, a greater trust is placed in being gently directed in infinite directions (WEATHER VANE) by Universal processes, rather than feeling the need to control outcomes that keep us on a rigid and restricted loop.

A true sense of purpose (HUMPBACK WHALE) is established from challenges that have been overcome and through this, the student can become the teacher (OWL) for other aspiring Spiritual Warriors. An abundant (MONEY TREE) life beyond survival mode is a life where goals are obtainable, dreams are reachable and options are endless (RAINBOW). 

The moral of the story is that we're often our own harshest critics but this is usually based on someone else's ideas of who we are. If we can take steps to challenge and overcome those ideas, this is essentially an effort to re-write the script and story of our lives - and change how we see ourselves. When you reach a point of recognising and strengthening the relationship with your soulful self, it doesn't make you exempt from facing future challenges, but you will be in a far better position to meet them head-on with more confidence and enthusiasm. Always remember that challenges can be an opportunity for you to evolve. 

If you need a revolution to start your evolution, I trust that the Companion Cards will serve as your faithful allies as you navigate through your own personal growth (while dodging landmines etc) ;)                                                 

I also love Runes and Lenormand cards and have self-published two titles (Toy Box Lenormand and Playful Lenormand) as well as a set of Raven Rune palm cards. I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved creating them! 


With Love and a cosmic-sized spark of light

                                                        Deborah xo