Working with your Companion Cards

Quick Reference Guide

1. Child (The card of new beginnings) - A baby or child, new beginnings, birth of a new project, innocence, playfulness.
2. Woman (The card of femininity and individuality) - Inquirer, feminine energy, a woman (literal).
3. Man (The card of masculinity and individuality) - Inquirer, masculine energy, a man (literal).
4. Apple (The card of holistic health) - Health, well-being, balance.
5. Castle (The card of security) - Home, security, inheritance.
6. Teapot (The card of conversation) - Socialising, connecting with friends/family, discussions, gossip.
7. Web (The card of complications) - Complications, being over-committed, feeling stuck, deception – web of lies, the internet.
8. Blue-Ringed Octopus (The card of self-preservation) - Self-protection, illusion, guarded, defensive, feeling threatened.
9. Bee (The card of productivity) - Vocation, industrious, busyness, flighty, anxious.
10. Well (The card of soul searching and deeper understanding of self) - Deep-seated emotions, grief, psychic ability, unknown, hidden, secrets, depression.
11. Candle (The card of potentials) - vulnerability, fears, potential for growth, a snippet of information, a glimmer of hope in the darkness.
12. Lighthouse (The card of guidance, truth and clarity) - Guidance, counselling, support, shedding light on the subject, illuminating the truth.
13. Symbols (The card of deeper meanings) - significant event, soul connections, receiving signs, connection to higher self and the Universe.
14. Raven (The card of listening) - The messenger, good news, verbal communication, birds-eye view.
15. Inkwell (The card of reading writing) – Written communication, contracts, email and text messages.
16. Deer Stag (The card of strength) – Standing strong, holding your ground, power, leadership, manager, dominance, control, warrior.
17. Dice – (The card of taking chances) - Chance, luck, taking a gamble, element of risk.
18. Toxins (The card of cleansing) - Toxic environment (external or internal), toxic thoughts/beliefs, vices, addiction, exposure to pollutants.
19. Drain (The card of releasing) - Actively letting go, sense of loss, money going out, purchases, debts, bills.
20. Padlock (The card of stillness) - A necessary pause, taking time out, barrier, obstacles, delays. 
21. Umbrella (The card of boundaries) – creating/maintaining boundaries, protection of self or assets, insight, pre-planning, forward thinking.
22. Hourglass (The card of patience) - When the timing is right, divine timing, trusting the processes, it will happen when it is meant to.
23. Ladder (The card of ascension) – Professional or personal development, growth, workplace, hierarchy, “climbing the corporate ladder”.
24. Footprints (The card of physical movement) - Reputation, making an impression, moving on, choosing to go.
25. Butterfly (The card of transition) - Transformation, liberation, positive change, spiritual awakening.
26. Dog (The card of integrity) – A close friend, loyalty, companion.
27. Sunflower (The card of unity and community) - A community that resonates, being on the right path, positive and vibrant energy.
28. Car (The card of acceleration) - Self-control, moving forward, domestic travel, road trip, buying a car.
29. Airplane (The card of expansion) - Overseas travel, international connections, things are taking off, time to fly.
30. Cat (The card of resilience) - Resilience, landing on your feet, recovery, many lives in one, past lives.
31. Rose (The card of unconditional love) - Unconditional love for the self and others, romance, finding your passion in life.
32. Weather Vane (The card of infinite directions) - Being gently guided, direction, infinite possibilities, winds of change are blowing.
33. Humpback Whale (The card of purpose) - Sense of purpose, task, meaningful journey, setting goals.
34. Owl (The card of wisdom and knowledge) - Wisdom, knowledge, education, higher perspective, the observer; also, an older person.
35. Money Tree (The card of abundance) - Abundance, wealth, hard work paying off, income, savings.
36. Rainbow (The card of endless possibilities) - Good fortune, dreams and visions, the best outcome; also art, creativity and homosexuality.

Preparing the deck for reading

Clearing your card deck is important if you’re reading for others because energy can transfer from person to person. When you sit near someone, you’re close enough for your auras to overlap. Energy can also transfer from person to object and vice versa. This is similar to how a medium might ask to hold a personal object (known as psychometry) of a client’s deceased love one so they can tap into their energy and strengthen the connection.
Card readings rely on the cards connecting with a person’s energy field in the same way a radio dial tunes into a frequency to access information that’s being broadcast.
Knock on the deck
Hold the deck in one hand and knock on the deck three times. Gentle sweep your hand around the deck to finish clearing the energy.
Sweep with a feather
Take a feather (or a bunch of feathers) and swish it around the deck for a few seconds while holding the intention of clearing the deck of residual energy that may have been collected from any previous contact.
Touching each card
Lay each card down one at a time until contact has been made with each card. This will allow energy to be transferred onto the deck in preparation for the reading.
6-Card layout shuffle
My personal preference is to completely shuffle the cards using a 6-card layout. Lay 6 cards out in 2 rows of 3 cards. Lay the next 6 cards on top of the first 6 and repeat the pattern until all 36 cards have been laid out. Collect the 6 piles of cards and put them together. In my experience, it takes very little time for the cards to tune into someone else’s frequency and I believe that a person’s intention is a major factor in turning the dial.

Interpreting the cards

Laying out the cards
There are plenty of different card reading layouts that are common to other card decks, such as Tarot, Lenormand and Angel cards and these can generally be found via a quick web search. Companion Cards for the Evolving Soul are different because they favour a linear reading. This is because a linear reading promotes a conversational style and embodies the cards in their most natural state. During a reading, your (or a client’s) story is unveiled one card at a time with a discussion around the significance of each one. As each card is drawn, the linear reading supports an in-depth conversation on the current topic or issues as well as the past, present, future direction, challenges and the likely outcome. You can indeed draw the entire deck if you continue to feel as though the question hasn’t been answered, but it is likely that you will instinctively know when to stop. It’s time for some freestyling!

Example of a Linear Reading example:
I conducted a reading for a client, Steve, who asked the question; “What will be the outcome of completing the course?” The question was asked in reference to completing a course which is required before he can apply to become a Police Officer. The cards were drawn in the following order:

Card 1: Web – I asked Steve if the course in question was an internet course and he confirmed that it was. I also asked if he had been feeling stuck. He agreed he had been going through the motions in a repetitive job and not moving forward. He admitted to lacking motivation and was ready for a change.

Card 2: Man – Represented the client, Steve. The position of the Man card was significant as it came directly after feeling stuck, indication he is now beginning to move forward.

Card 3: Weather Vane – Indicates that Steve’s options are endless and he is beginning to trust in Universal processes more. He is being gently guided towards a specific direction. Steve confirmed he had always wanted to become a Police Officer and his ‘gut feeling’ was strongly pushing him to pursue it at this time. That ‘gut feeling’ is the voice of his soul. Steve is wanting to move toward something that resonates with him on a soul level.

Card 4: Toxins – Drawing the Toxins card after the Weather Vane suggests that toxic or negative thoughts may be holding Steve back. He has been wanting to be a police officer for many years but a lack of confidence and fearing that he might fail has been a sticking point. Steve confirmed that this fear developed from childhood when a particular teacher made him feel stupid at school. This belief embedded deeply within Steve’s subconscious and he had been reluctant to take on any studies ever since.

Card 5: Lighthouse – The lighthouse illuminates the truth, revealing that the course is not just about obtaining a pass or fail, it is much more personal than that. The course is providing an opportunity for Steve to evolve passed a point where he would normally stop.

Card 6: Apple – The health card indicates that if the Challenge Card (Toxins) is overcome, his thoughts will become healthier. Self-doubt will dissolve and confidence will increase.

Card 7: Cat – The Cat signifies that Steve will develop resilience. Cats land on their feet and they are also known to have many lives. The Course is likely to lead Steve into a whole new life.

Card 8: Umbrella – Steve is more likely to develop stronger boundaries where negativity is less likely to impact him. The Umbrella also denotes that the Course is a part of the planning and preparation stage to becoming a Police Officer.

Card 9: Deer Stag – Overcoming toxic thoughts, building up his resilience and setting boundaries is likely to assist Steve with his personal and professional development. Letting go of his inherited programming will place him in a much stronger position where he is able to retain his personal power and inner strength.

Although I didn’t feel the need to draw additional cards, Steve asked for a couple more, while also saying; “I’d like to know the next step…” Interestingly, I drew the Ladder card. The Ladder signified that he is at the bottom rung and the Course is only the first step. There is much room for Steve to progress. The Child card was then drawn, which signified new beginnings. On Steve’s request and to satisfy his curiosity, a final card was drawn – The Blue-Ringed Octopus which relates to defence. This provided confirmation that after the Course, his new beginning will be with the Police Force. As it turned out, he passed the Course and he is preparing to step on the next rung of the Ladder.

Draw as little or as many as you need…

The cards are your companions and your relationship with them will develop over time. You’ll start to get to know them better and before too long, your instinct about when to stop will become stronger. I commonly see 10 cards drawn before the conversation reaches a conclusion, but, believe it or not, I have seen a linear reading come to a close using just one card! It was more of a dot than a line.
For example: One of my dearest friends, Caz decided to draw some cards to inquire about her grandmother, who was in hospital approaching the end of her life. She shuffled the cards and drew the Butterfly. Of all cards to draw from the deck, this was by far the most fitting and so there was no need for further cards to be drawn. The Butterfly represents the soul’s liberation. This can occur as we evolve within the same lifetime, but can also occur as someone is passing.
Caz’s grandmother was 103 years of age and was restricted by an ailing body. She transitioned home within 24 hours of the reading and her transformation granted her soul liberation and passage to the next phase of her existence. Although the reading was incredibly short, it was probably the most beautiful reading I have ever witnessed and it provided validation and comfort for Caz to know that her Nanny was being supported to ‘return home’ gracefully and peacefully.
Developing your skills
The development of any skill takes practice and Companion Cards for the Evolving Soul readings are no exception. A great starting point is to keep a journal and at the beginning of each day, ask the question “what will the day bring?” Draw three cards and write down your interpretation of the cards. At the end of the day, review your journal and your interpretation. It is common to find alternative answers in the cards after the day’s events have unfolded. This is perfectly fine because this is a great way to broaden your knowledge of card combinations. Keep in mind that answers may appear in your personal life but also sometimes on local or world news events. To build up your confidence, practice reading cards for willing and eager friends and family members